As a Spiritual Entrepreneur and Relationship Mentor, my expertise is helping people bring more Peace and Love into their lives. I do this by helping them understand their deeper wounds so they can set themselves free to live the life they aspire to have. After much training and growth in my business, I noticed that I was still missing one very important aspect and skill – I needed to show up with my voice in Service. But I was not sure where to begin or where to turn for help as I had a fear of speaking Live, on Social Media or any platform really. Then one day Pina invited me to share my journey on her IG Live and I must admit that I was petrified and extremely nervous. With that fear came a huge sense of relief because it was with Pina. Pina has a special and unique gift of making you feel at home with your voice. She makes you feel like she has your back, she was going to help you through it, and she was not going to allow you to fail. Pina has a very special and unique way of helping you put a voice to what you do so you can freely share it with the world. Thank you, Pina, for helping me through one of the most difficult things (crutch) and showing me the way.Pina shows up with so much joy and laughter, she can instantly light up the room on or off camera;  It made going live feel effortless. Pina is warm, comforting and has a special gift in leading women to find their inner bloom, use their voice and show up in service. If you know your work is meant for more and you struggle with using your voice – Pina is your girl.  This is your time to bloom.  –Anna Pileci-Cartlidge (Holistic Journey)

Being on Pina’s Instagram Live was just like chatting with a friend. I’m pretty sure we could have talked for hours! Pina invited me on to talk about my business and she was such a great host. I had never been on a Live Chat before and I have to admit that I was a little nervous, but Pina made me feel comfortable. I really appreciated that she directed our conversation and asked me thoughtful and engaging questions. She’s insightful, warm and fun to talk to and she cares and connects with her guests. Pina’s positive and friendly personality put me at ease as we chatted, and I soon forgot that we were speaking to an audience. Thank you Pina for making the experience so effortless and easy. I’m looking forward to participating in more Instagram Lives and I’m glad my first one was with you. –Gabriella (Copperwood Trail)

Pina is so amazing! Prior to meeting Pina, I was never comfortable with public speaking, nor open to it. I would get super anxious just thinking about putting myself out there. I can’t thank Pina enough for believing in me and pushing me to get out of my comfort zone. She has such a welcoming, positive and open energy that is so easy to resonate/connect with. Pina provided me with reassurance and accepted my personality as it is. It’s never easy to adapt to so much energy but she does it with such ease. I appreciate Pina and will always admire her desire to want to help others. –Christine (Cup Readings With Christine)