Are you interested in learning about the chakra system? Are you curious to know how they might be affecting you physically, mentally and/or spiritually? Would you like to discover various ways to balance the chakras? I will be offering an online course to answer these questions and more. Details to come…


I took part in a course about the chakras with Pina. She was prepared with a presentation that outlined all the chakras, imbalances vs balance. It was informative and I learned a lot. Her voice was soothing and she offered to share her experiences…welcoming all the ladies to share their stories. Everyone was engaged and shared and look forward to using these learnings in my life. -Cathy

What a great and enlightening course with Pina! I went into the course knowing nothing about Chakras and came out feeling so knowledgeable about so many unbalances I have that reflect many aspects of my well-being. Pina made me feel very comfortable sharing within the group setting and even shared her own experiences which really helps everyone else open up. Pina gave us so much useful information not only on what the Chakras are but also how to help balance those Chakras. Her calm and positive personality made it even better! I would definitely recommend this course with Pina….she was fabulous! -Nadia

Pina was very knowledgeable regarding Chakras. She was very open and genuine in her delivery which  made feel at ease. I highly recommend everyone to take this session to learn and better understand Chakras and how we can manage them as part of our daily lives. -Bahara

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