Over 15 years ago, my dream of being a radio announcer almost did not happen.

After graduating from university, I applied to various radio stations and was eventually hired as an assistant to an executive at a local radio station. In this role, I learned about the industry and was eventually asked to voice commercials. Eventually I got up the nerve to ask my manager to try out as an on-air announcer and he agreed!

Then the doubts and negative self-talk started.

“Who’s going to want to hear what I have to say?” “I can’t do this.”

Although I appeared to be happy and confident on the outside, I was crippled with self-doubt and low self-worth on the inside. I put on a good show. But underneath the personality everybody heard on the radio, was my lingering doubts.

Then one day all my self-doubts were brought to the surface when a former boss made a short comment to “not laugh on the air”. I was crushed. I started to think that, perhaps, I was not meant for radio. I felt discouraged and thought that my dream career was shattered forever. Maybe it was time to look at another industry.

But, at the same time I was fortunate to be surrounded by a group of women who encouraged me to believe in my abilities as an announcer and to keep pursuing my dream. So, with their encouragement and mentoring, I kept pushing to better myself as an on-air radio personality … and shortly thereafter I was offered my dream job at another radio station!

I could do this! I was not an imposter! People DID want to hear what I had to say and many compliments came pouring in on the impact I was making in people’s lives and days.

Now, I want to help and mentor other entrepreneurial women looking to find, develop and confidently share their voice so they can make the difference and impact they feel so passionately about.

Through my radio journey and having been certified as a Reiki and Chakra Balancing Practitioner, I have learned the importance of believing in yourself, embracing your power, and expressing yourself. I am passionate about sharing what I have learned to help other women find their voice and feel confident and powerful in speaking their truth – both on and off camera.